I don't write books.
I write stories that change lives.
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I write stories that change lives.

A saga that shows the true human side of life.

5 novels, one story!



Marisa is much more than a novel, it is an inspiring story about a beautiful and talented executive who discovers her human side with the arrival of an enigmatic character.

Her life unfolds in five books that present the different stages of her life, each book is a true carousel of emotions, and in each chapter you will find situations that in many cases you can totally identify with.

Building this story was not easy, hundreds of hours of sleepless nights and more than three thousand written pages, to finally deliver a unique story, with true human content.

From opulence to poverty, from success to failure, lies, betrayals, murders, in a world where ambition for power prevails, and where love also rekindles, in an environment saturated with hypocrisy and falsehood.

I invite you to get to know Marisa’s story, which I am sure will awaken dormant feelings and emotions that you carry deep inside.

5 novels, one story!

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